Essential Snowboarding Impact Shorts: Your Ultimate Buying Guide

Snowboarding impact shorts are an essential piece of gear for any snowboarder looking to protect themselves on the slopes.

At OutdoorWear, we understand the importance of staying safe while enjoying this exhilarating sport. That’s why we have put together this comprehensive buying guide to help you find the best snowboarding impact shorts that suit your needs.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider, we’ve got you covered with all the information you need to make an informed decision. So, let’s dive in and explore the world of snowboarding impact shorts together!

Top snowboarding impact shorts reviews

Bodyprox Protective Snowboard Protection Tailbone

Bodyprox Protective Snowboard Protection Tailbone
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Overall, I am very happy with these protective shorts. They offer decent protection and are a good value for the price. If they last, they are definitely worth it.

Good valueCan get hot and sweaty
Lightweight and comfortablePotential for gaps between pads
Effective in absorbing impactRequires hand washing

These protective shorts are designed to provide good protection for inline skating. They are lightweight and fit well, not too tight or too loose. The bulk is easily handled under gym shorts, making them comfortable to wear. The hip pads are effective in preventing bruising and absorbing impact. However, they can get hot and sweaty due to the material, which may require hand washing after each use. There is also a potential concern about the gaps between pads potentially opening and exposing the skin. So far, I have not experienced this issue.

I am 62 years old and recently started inline skating with my son. After taking a few hard falls, I realized the importance of having proper protection. These shorts have been a great addition to my gear. They have saved me from bruising my hips and backside during falls. The pads absorb the impact well, leaving me unhurt in situations that could have been painful.

Although they can get hot, I believe it’s a small price to pay for the protection they provide. I would recommend these shorts to anyone looking for affordable and effective protection for inline skating.

Cienfy Protection Protective Snowboarding Skateboarding

Cienfy Protection Protective Snowboarding Skateboarding
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These padded protective shorts are a game-changer for extreme sports enthusiasts. With adjustable elastic waistband and lightweight design, they provide excellent comfort and flexibility during all kinds of activities. The breathable and quick-drying fabric keeps you cool and dry even during intense sports. The block protection design allows for big moves without compromising safety. The EVA butt protection pads offer strong impact resistance, reducing the risk of injuries. Overall, these shorts are a must-have for anyone looking to enjoy extreme sports while staying protected.

– Adjustable elastic waistband for a perfect fit– Limited color options
– Lightweight and non-bulky– Some users may find the sizing chart confusing
– Breathable and quick-drying fabric– Not suitable for very cold weather
– Block protection design for flexibility and stability
– EVA butt protection pads for strong impact resistance

The adjustable elastic waistband of these padded protective shorts ensures a comfortable and secure fit. The hook and loop closure makes it easy to put on and take off. The lightweight design allows for unrestricted movement, so you can fully enjoy extreme sports without feeling bulky.

The breathable milk silk fabric feels soft against the skin and wicks away sweat, keeping you dry and comfortable. The extra breathable mesh design enhances ventilation, preventing overheating during intense activities. Whether you’re skiing, snowboarding, or skateboarding, these shorts provide the necessary protection without limiting your performance.

I have been using these padded protective shorts for snowboarding, and they have made a significant difference in my experience. I used to fall a lot and end up with a sore bottom, but these shorts have greatly reduced the impact and discomfort. They fit nicely under my snowboarding bib and don’t restrict my movements. I have fallen a few times since wearing them, and I was able to get right back up without any pain.

The EVA butt protection pads are effective in absorbing the impact and preventing injuries. I also appreciate the breathable fabric, as it keeps me dry and prevents overheating during long sessions on the slopes. Overall, these shorts have become an essential part of my snowboarding gear, and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for reliable and comfortable protection.

Overall, these padded protective shorts are a game-changer for extreme sports enthusiasts. With their adjustable elastic waistband, lightweight design, and breathable fabric, they provide excellent comfort and flexibility. The block protection design allows for big moves without compromising safety, and the EVA butt protection pads offer strong impact resistance.

I have personally experienced the benefits of these shorts during snowboarding, as they greatly reduce the impact and discomfort of falls. They fit nicely under my snowboarding bib and don’t restrict my movements. The breathable fabric keeps me dry and prevents overheating. These shorts have become an essential part of my snowboarding gear, and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for reliable and comfortable protection.

Triple Eight 60435280031 Bumsaver Medium

Triple Eight 60435280031 Bumsaver Medium
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These rear-end pads are a game-changer for anyone who wants to protect their behind while staying comfortable. They may not have any fancy features, but they do their job exceptionally well. In my personal experience, they have saved me from painful accidents and provided peace of mind.

– Provides excellent protection– No additional features
– Comfortable to wear
– Easy to clean

These rear-end pads are designed to be worn under slim-fit shorts, making them discreet and convenient. They are machine washable and have shown no signs of wear and tear even after regular use. The lack of additional features may be a downside for some, but for those looking for a simple and effective solution, these pads are perfect.

Speaking from personal experience, these pads have saved me from some embarrassing and painful situations. I have accidentally hit a wooden lip with my rear-end, but thanks to these pads, I was protected from any serious harm. I wear them every week and have had no issues with their durability or comfort. They have truly prevented me from being “ripped a new one,” and I am grateful to have them.

snowboarding impact shorts buying guide

Types of Snowboarding Impact Shorts

Padded Shorts

Padded shorts are designed to provide extra cushioning and protection to the hips, tailbone, and thighs during snowboarding. They typically feature foam or gel padding strategically placed in impact-prone areas. These shorts are ideal for beginners or riders who are more prone to falls and crashes.

Compression Shorts

Compression shorts are a popular choice among experienced snowboarders. They offer a snug fit and are designed to provide muscle support and reduce muscle fatigue. While they may not have as much padding as padded shorts, they still offer some impact protection and are more lightweight and breathable.

Hybrid Shorts

Hybrid shorts combine the benefits of both padded and compression shorts. They feature a combination of padding and compression fabric, providing a balance between impact protection and muscle support. These shorts are suitable for riders who want a versatile option that offers both comfort and protection.

Impact Protection

Padding Material

The padding material used in snowboarding impact shorts plays a crucial role in determining the level of protection they offer. High-density foam or gel padding is commonly used, as it absorbs and disperses impact forces effectively. Look for shorts with thick padding that covers the hips, tailbone, and thighs for maximum protection.

Impact Zones

Different snowboarding impact shorts have varying coverage areas for impact protection. Some shorts focus on protecting the hips and tailbone, while others also provide padding for the thighs. Consider your individual needs and riding style when choosing shorts with the appropriate impact zones.

Fit and Comfort

Size and Adjustability

Finding the right fit is crucial for comfort and effectiveness. Look for snowboarding impact shorts that come in various sizes and offer adjustable features such as waistbands or straps. This ensures a secure and customized fit, preventing the shorts from shifting during intense movements.

Moisture-wicking and Breathability

Snowboarding is a physically demanding activity that can make you work up a sweat. Opt for impact shorts made from moisture-wicking and breathable materials to keep you dry and comfortable throughout your ride. Look for shorts with mesh panels or moisture-wicking fabric technology to enhance breathability.

Durability and Quality

Material and Construction

Snowboarding impact shorts should be made from durable materials that can withstand the rigors of the sport. Look for shorts constructed with high-quality fabrics that are tear-resistant and have reinforced stitching. Additionally, consider shorts with abrasion-resistant panels in high-wear areas for added durability.

Brand Reputation

Choosing impact shorts from reputable brands ensures that you are investing in a quality product. Research and read reviews to gauge the reputation of different brands in terms of durability and customer satisfaction. Brands with a strong track record in the snowboarding industry are more likely to produce reliable and long-lasting impact shorts.

Additional Features

Removable Padding

Some snowboarding impact shorts offer removable padding, allowing you to customize the level of protection based on your preferences and riding conditions. This feature is particularly useful if you want the flexibility to switch between different levels of impact protection.

Anti-microbial Treatment

Snowboarding impact shorts can get sweaty and develop odors over time. Look for shorts with anti-microbial treatment, which helps prevent the growth of bacteria and keeps the shorts fresh and odor-free. This feature is especially important if you plan to use the shorts for extended periods without washing.


In conclusion, when choosing snowboarding impact shorts, consider the type of shorts that best suits your needs, whether it’s padded shorts for maximum impact protection, compression shorts for muscle support, or hybrid shorts for a balance of both.

Pay attention to the padding material and impact zones to ensure adequate protection. Fit and comfort are essential, so look for adjustable options and moisture-wicking fabrics. Durability and quality are crucial factors, and opting for reputable brands can provide peace of mind.

Lastly, consider additional features such as removable padding and anti-microbial treatment for added convenience and hygiene. With the right snowboarding impact shorts, you can enjoy your ride with confidence and minimize the risk of injuries.

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